Nifty tip for overheated chocolate

I occasionally overheat chocolate in the microwave when using my Pampered Chef glass bowl.  I discovered at nifty tip for turning it from it’s hardened state back to a smooth liquid, use your immersion blender.  I tried this on some overheated white chocolate and it worked slick as can be!


Yes, Eddie exists too!

While it does appear that the only exciting things happening in our lives revolve around my cooking or Megan’s singing, that’s not actually the case.  I could write a book if I could remember all of things that have come out of Eddie’s mouth and write them down.  Several years …

Gold Medal

What a weekend in Lewiston

Megan Ward, of Bangor, wins 2013 Maine Games National Anthem Audition Megan Ward, Bangor; the 2013 Maine Games National Anthem Vocalist Photo …